Cantar e Capoeira, Camara

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Cantar é Capoeira,Camará


By Chanzo GREENIDGE (Trenel)


©ADANIS 2003, Instituto Palmeiras 2006, 2008, 2011

Many of the songs in this compilation are in the public domain, and thus can be used by anyone, hopefully in the practice of the Capoeira artform. For use of the text and explanations included, please contact the author for permission at:




Cantar e Capoeira, Camara- Part I: PASTINHA

Cantar é Capoeira-part 1.doc


Cantar e Capoeira, Camara- Part II: NZINGA

Cantar é Capoeira- Part II-Corrected.doc


Cantar e Capoeira, Camara- Part III: MARINERS AND CASTAWAYS


Cantar e Capoeira, Camara- Part IV: MACULELE

Cantar é Capoeira- Part IV.pdf



Similar efforts at translation and explanation of Capoeira's music are ongoing.  Please see an excellent example (91 pages) below, courtesy Lombriga:



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