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The principles of IP@Soccer are:


1. Negativa. Football, like Capoeira Angola, is an adventurous, but defensive martial art where creative security is considered more than twice as important as perfect attacks. Because no attack is perfect.


2. Devagar, devagarinho... We learn by slowing down and dissecting the most complex movements, opponents and sequences into simpler elements.


3. Arte e Liberdade. We value the artistic and philosophical elements of Football and Capoeira Angola as well as the physical discipline required to live free.


4. Jogo bonito é o que eu quero ver. Even while respecting differences, students and instructors will be judged by the quality of their performances on the pitch and in the Roda.


5. Nzinga. We act quickly and respond effectively to chaotic situations, even if this means changing direction and pace, stopping, or beginning again.


6. Grande e pequeno sou eu. Each member of IP@Soccer is expected to form the vanguard of the disciplines we practice, simply by doing their best at all times.


7. Clear Objectives and Flexibility will guide our classes, months and seasons. We keep in mind that our horizon in Football and in Capoeira is beyond two megacyles i.e. 25+ years.


8. Zero Tolerance for sexual harassment, discrimination, racism, unethical use and demonstration of the art form, and players who don’t have a strong sense of humor.











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